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Folks I will tell you this. After dealing with Jim and testo over the 523,,, four to be exact that had problems from temp sensors, to sensors that will not calibrate i will not deal with testo again. Jim helped get me a new 523 and it broke soon after using it in the shop,,,,,not ever even put into a truck....The testo folks always wanted to charge me even when it was under wrnty. The last one died and no one would touch it, testo or otherwise....Very pricey for the problems I had with it and refuse to let a company treat me that way. When I talk to groups and am asked i tell them this opinion. It is mine and was created from real world comercial R service. reliability and service can not be beat by a good ole set of GLY filled yellowjackets......cheap, user servicable, and I can afford several sets...never had one of them black over, or fail to calibrate..My opinion of testo.....good flue gas equip,,,,,,,,,,poor cust service,,,,,,,,lousy guages ,,, as far as the ones I had...I will post a vid of me crushing the last 523 with a sledge........Jim, My name is Chase Sartin,,,look over your past e mails and you will find me.....You never returned my last two emails telling you that the last one died shortly after you sent it to me,,,but thanks for trying the first time...
last person I dealt with was doug goodwin, tech that would not repair was r jaramilo I dont wnat anything from testo or anyone just to know my situation and that I feel it was not dealt with very well.
Were you sold a 523 expecting it to hold up in Commercial Service?

"There is no reason to give up your favorite manifold, just improve it. Looking for an almost bullet proof product designed for for a technician by a technician, look no further."

"Almost Bullet Proof"

Jim has written this about Digi-Cool and don't think I've ever seen anything written like this about a 550 especially not a 523.

I bought some products that were "cheaper" just because they were cheaper.

Nobody ever told me they were tougher than a more expensive Digi-Cool I just made the wrong decision all by myself.