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Thread: computer router

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    Len check out the link for examples of cable types. If you had 2 computers connected together before more than likely you have a crossover cable. If not and you have a straight through cable hook computers and router to 1,2,3,4 etc.

    What brand an model of router do you have?

    Do you have cable or DSL ?

    You may have to set some settings in the router software in order to connect to service etc.

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    This tutorial may help you.

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    Originally posted by johnl45
    How many compters do you want to hook up? You don't need a router use a switch or a hub much cheaper.
    Hey, John.
    I played with my network today.
    What I found was I could only get on the internet with one computer at a time, if I bypassed my router with a hub or switch.

    Besides serving as a firewall, the router assigns local IP addresses to each machine. If I want to use a hub or switch, I have to pay extra for multiple addresses. That may be different in your area.

    I knew there was something that forced me to use a router.

    Just my experience.
    Results may vary. HA!

    I wonder if Len gave up?

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