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    I am a German student of supply engineering and I´m planning to get hands-on experience and deal with practical applications of engineering concepts.
    I have gained practical experience from my apprenticeship as a plumber. I also did work as a journeyman for six months after I finished the apprenticeship and I still work as a plumber during my vacations. This has been helpful for me to understand heating systems, water supply and sewage disposal.
    I would like to do an internship in the USA to improve my english.
    I already tried to contact companies by email and phone, but it seems not be usual do absolve a traineeship in the USA.
    Anyone know of a company which would give me the opportunity to join for about 5 months??

    Thanks a lot


    Email: derheidjerATwebDOTde

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    Probably your best would be to submit a resume or letter stating your intent to several companies in the USA.
    Possibly some of the outifts here would be willing to have you come work with them for five months.

    Is there a special place you wish to visit for those five months?

    Speak more. We will help.

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    well, I already send about 30 applications by email, because I thought this would be the easiest and cheapest way to contact companies ,after two weeks I tried to get into contact by phone, which didn’t really work, because my English is not too good, hard by phone if you don’t understand few words and your interlocutor don’t recognize it.
    I just phoned big companies because I thought it would be easier to find a spot for me…
    Now I think it would be much better for me to work in a small team because there would be sooner pretentious tasks for me to do.
    This internship is a part of my education to become an engineer, usually you have to do it in the 5th semester but I ll prefer to do it in my 7th semester because I ll have much more knowledge in calculating of heating systems, water supply, sewage disposal and piping.
    I would like to start in February 2006 because there is a lot of bumf to manage for me. There is no special place where I would like to work....

    Sincerly Ren้

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