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    is their a Pro Marketing And Bussiness forum?

    if not can we get one.

    any Ideas????????????

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    good idea. the majority of us are techs not business men.
    even though we are compeating with each other, we could compare notes on advertising costs and successful methods of capturing business

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    good idea, how many of you guys know each other?

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    i don't know any one on the board. but am eager to learen from the old timers. I have a start up business in north texas and don't want to make avoidable mistakes.

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    Originally posted by pilotlight
    is their a Pro Marketing And Bussiness forum?

    if not can we get one.

    any Ideas????????????
    If PRO's Forum: Business & Marketing is not showing up on your monitor when you are on the Home Page then this is what you need to do.
    [list=1][*] Click the "Apply for Membership" button again.[*] Select the radio button for "Technical & Business Forums" and resubmit your application.[/list=A]

    This should not cause you to be double registered. In fact, the email that will be automatically generated from Build Central will list your registration number as the same number you were sent when you first registered.

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    Nevada, what is the radio button?

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    Jeannette Pa Interests:refrigeration

    Smile Refrigeration and AC Marketing.

    Many people think that because you are a great technician you are also a great business man. This may not be true. Many many great techs. can't market their products or service. After learning the trade one should go to school and learn business. Please take business classes to be a true professional. Understand what overhead is and the cost of doing business.

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    Originally posted by targetman
    Nevada, what is the radio button?

    The photo above answers your question.

    But I see you are still reading so let's take a moment and look at some basic HTML program language.

    Part of the code used to create the "input" methods on the application form was:

    <input type="radio" name="membershiptype" value="1000" checked ID="Radio2"> Technical Forum

    Notice the input type equals "radio". When selected, a dot will appear in the middle of the circle. The word "checked", which I underlined for instructional purposes, above sets the default value of membershiptype to "Technical Forum". To change membership type, check the next radio button to select Technical & Business Forums.

    Another type of input method you've seen on web pages is the "check box" which consists of a small square box in which a "check mark" will appear when it is clicked on. It would be coded as input type="checkbox".

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    I thought a radio button got ya country music channels.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    Another example of radio buttons...

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