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    ABTE1060 Solution Charge

    Do you guy's know how to figure out roughly the amount of solution in a ABTE1060 Absorber? Did a seal job on it about 7 years ago but used several 55 gal drums to capture the bromide. Can't remember and amount wasn't logged. I'd like to just rent a trailer mounted tank to store the bromide while new seals are being installed and all valves get new diaphrams. Here's the info off the original startup tag if it helps. Not sure if theres a rule of thumb according to tonnage or a calculation I could determine it with. I think it was something like 1750 gals. My fault for not noting it last time.

    Net Bromide Charge 21,600 lbs.
    54% Concentration
    Salt Charge 11,880 lbs.
    H20 Added 1015
    915 Tons

    Thank You

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    Should be around 1625 gal. of LiBr and 1010 gal of refrig. water.

    To figure LiBr start with specific gravity of solution, s.g. of 54% bromide is 1.60. So each gal. of LiBr is 1.6 times heavier than a gal. of water. Gallon of water weighs 8.33# times 1.6 = 13.3# per gallon of LiBr. Divide your weight of the net bromide charge 21,600 by 13.3 and it equals 1624.06 gal. of LiBr.

    The refrig. water charge is from Trane start-up manual. 1010 is their recommended initial charge. There may be more, probably the 1015 stated on the start-up tag.

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