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    Convert a Beacon 1 to Beacon 2 ?

    Anybody done it? I have a customer (McDonalds) who refuses to give up on his Beacon 1. The problem now is the board (I think). It won't modulate the EEV anymore. It's either open to 255 steps or closed. I've tried to convince the bullheaded operator to do what Archie at Heatcraft says to do, which is to rip it out, put in a LLSV, TXV and stat but to no avail. He really and I mean REEEEALLY loves his "Smart Controller". I'm stuck. The wholesaler no longer carries Beacon 1 boards or EEVs. Is it beyond stupid to even try to convert this to a Beacon 2? Help!!!
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    Beacon 1 is out of production, no more parts being made,

    To change to Beacon 2, you have to pretty well change the entire controls system. Board, EEV, add transducer, new smart controller since he likes that, and the transformer will relocate.

    I know Archie. Good due, knows his Beacon stuff.

    Of interest...Heatcraft has stopped shipment of Beaon 2 for now because of the EEV's not being available. Word has it that the manufacturer of the valve is no longer making them. The kithen equipment suppliers have been shipping Master-bilt units in their place.

    So, you might not be able to get a Beacon 2 system right now either.

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