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Thread: CFM insta-flame

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    Question CFM insta-flame

    Hey everybody,

    Having an issue, with the model fa20 cfm fa20 fireplace, in my house and I am trying to replace the fan. Since it makes a god awful noise when it's spinning.
    I was wondering if someone had done this with this model, and could give me some pointers.

    It's asking me to remove the burner assembly, however I don't see any easy disconnect for the burner assembly other then unscrewing the pipe. (I already have the shut off valve off).

    I am a little daunted by this as I still don't see the fan, and would think that there would be some sort of simple disconnect to remove the fireplace and or get at the fan, without tearing the whole thing apart.

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    Hi Salient, yes, you have an issue. It seems your issue is your problem with paying a professional to do a professional job. To help you I will need to know why you feel this way and what dollar amount is stopping you from getting this done correctly.

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