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Thread: Avalon Hill

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    Avalon Hill

    The time has come to pass down my cherished Avalon Hill games to my 13 year old son. Panzer Blitz , Panzer Leader , Squad Leader ( with many expansions ) , Arab - Isreli Wars , etc.

    X-Box has his full attention at the moment but I have seen where he has opened one of the Squad Leader boxes and was reading a scenerio card. And as anyone who has ever played knows that real wars are won with cardboard pieces.

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    I played Squad Leader tons of times when I was young. That and Fortess Europia, Stellar Conquest and more. I loved those old board games. Very complex rules and hours of fun using your head.

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    I was a big fan of the Ambush! series but a friend had Squad Leader and we played that quit a bit also. I had a few other Avalon Hill games like Midway, B-17, Third Reich, etc... We were also huge Axis and Allies players. PC and console games have usurped most of these old cardboard and hex map games. I still love playing Axis and Allies or Fortress America with the little plastic pieces much better.

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