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    My nice 12 gallon multi "peak" horsepower "shopvac" started acting flaky.

    I tore into it, and decided it was just plain too gross, too beat up, and too old to be worth fiddle farting with - it was from the scratch and dent area at sears 10 years ago - so I hauled it out to the curb.

    And it didn't have a locking hose, so every time I used it, the hose popped out of hte side and slobbered crap all over anyhow.

    So I started at Harbor freight. They only had one (shopvac brand) and it had the little hose - that always plugs up on me.

    I went to sears. They had a fine display of vacs on a counter. I popped open the first one to see what the filter looked like, and got a snoot full of crap from who knows where that they'd been demonstrating it with.

    They all had cheap nasty casters, and I just had an uneasy "everything is crap, overpriced and chinese" feeling - and started down a "bah humbug" path from being surrounded by fake holiday joy.

    Went to Sam's (needed other stuff) they had one - up so high on the shelf I couldn't play with it.

    Went to Lowes - never found anyhting but the filters for 'em.

    Went to the Depot - wide assortment of Ridgid brand. Opened it up - same guts as the crapsman that had served me well (except for the hose) for 10 years.

    So - I'm leaning towards one of them.

    Any other recomendations? I'm kind of a "super heavy duty homeowner" kind of user. It will see wood shavings, drywall dust, water pickup, metal clippings and shavings, grinder dust, fiberglass chunks, bondo dust/shavings, etc.

    I'd like it to be a little quieter than the old one, but the old one was probably pretty loud.

    I'd liek to stay under $100, but if I jump from a $80 pontiac Grand Am to a $110 Corvette, that isn't the end of the world.



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    The peak hp ratings and mph outputs are all bogus. To find out which one has the most power, look at the amp rating.

    I'm about ready for a new one too. My old 5 peak hp Sears has seen better days, so I've been looking around too. The new 6.5 peak hp models are a lot heavier than mine, which isn't too exciting as many times a day as I carry into people's basements.

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    I've gotten so I check amp ratings as an indication of power output (assuming similar efficiency) on just about everything anymore.

    Air compressors that advertise 7 horsepower still run on 15 amp 110 volt power; something fishy there....

    Maytag just cut power on their diswasher pumps. only 2.2 amps now - old one was 5.5

    How do they expect the crap to come off the dishes with no power?

    My dad used to install central vac systems. They had a test gadget that was a tee that plugged into the outlet. It had a restriction on one leg, and a vacuum gage on the third.

    I think they used it to verify instalations weren't too restrictive, and met performance expectaions.

    I've got an old vacuum gage around - maybe I should screw one together....

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    One shop vac is pretty much like another to me. But shop vac hoses are a different issue. I built my own, using a generous length of 2" hose and a plastic pipe fitting that fits in the vac. On the other end is a reducer that allows me to use 1" regular vacuum attachments.

    The big plus is that anything that goes into the 1" opening goes into the vac, without packing up the hose.

    Seattle Pioneer

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    My dad has a Craftmen, and I thought it was good.. But God, the filter is a pain to clean!

    I was using it to clean up the basment in thier new home, and the filter plugged up w/ sheetrock dust.. Removed the filter "can" this pleated style filter was a nightmare to clean!

    I have a small shop-vac that has a foam filter w/ this "cloth" like on top of it.. The cloth is clean to clean, just remove and shake off.

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    Shop Vac

    I have a 20 yr old Dayton (WW Grainger) Quiet (no loud whine like the Shop-Vac brand. Sucks just as good now as it did new. Only down side to this model is it cannot be used as a blower. It has a cloth bag and a foam dust filter, both still good after 20 Yrs. I paid more for it but it has given good service.

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    i have a stinger 2 gal wet dry vac it is small but very handy dont cost alot

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