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    Customer always say "I got a little baby" he he. Replaced a boiler last week .."granny" was watching the baby. She asked me how long b/4 she had heat. I told her late afternoon...she said "I have a baby" here. I looked over and sure enough there was a little "crumb snatcher" all wrapped up in blankets with a little knit cap. I said feel under the blankets ...sure enough he was warm as toast. I told her that all things being equal me and her would probably freeze to death b/4 him. Be cause he is "a little heat machine" Later that day I went upstairs to bleed radiators and she said her hands were about to fall off from the cold..but the baby was still warm. LOL

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    If granny were wrapped in blankets and a little knit cap... she'd have been warm too.
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