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    HVAC Service and snow shoveling

    This is what I got up to to the roof to see

    This is after about 1-1/2 hours

    And finaly getting to service the unit. A bad combustion fan

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    That is one of the many reasons I do not live in your area!

    Ice is another, along with ice storms when they occur ... frozen pipes .... slipping and sliding on ice, did I mention the ice?
    Yes ... ice.

    I love ice. Just not outdoors where I'm gonna walk or drive in it though.

    And it's not my driving in it that bothers me ... it's the OTHER people who try and navigate their way on the stuff that really bothers me!

    Ice and snow ... fun to visit and play in, but not to live there.
    NOPE!!! Not for me.....

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    Our flat rate code for shoveling that path would be $285!

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    Wow.. I bet you got your workout that day!

    I had something like that once. It wasn't a service call.

    The company I used to work for did roofing as well. We had a big dump of snow and the boss sent me up on a roof of an old store 3 stories up to remove all of the snow. We had a good foot or so but most of it was dirfted over like in the pix! I was up there for 5 hours doing the whole roof!

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