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    I'm currently a student at a technical college in Greenville South Carolina. When I started school I registered for the hvac certification. This school also offers a degree in hvac and a associates degree in hvac. What is your opinion on education in this field? If you own your own business what type of creditials do you look for in an employee? Also I'm begining to buy tools and other equipment when I can afford them. What VOM would you recommend? We have an ongoing debate at school between two of my instructors as to which is better, a VOM with attached clamp-on ammeter or with removale clamp-on ammeter head and other attachments. But they both agree that Field Piece is the best brand. My last question is which do you prefer, tool bags or tool boxes? Any other advice on training or tools would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I think the stuff you take beyond your HVAC dipolma to get the AAS degree is great material. Probably little of it will be will be HVAC related but will be things like math & English and possibly some personal relations stuff. All that makes you a better employee which means faster advancement, higher positions such as management.

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    Go for the associates degree, I've seen people hired solely because of it... As far as meters, I've had the fieldpiece with the attached amp clamp and the one with the non-attached amp clamp and I defiantly prefered the attached amp clamp hands down... As far as tool storage, I use tool bags, I've seen too many people bang walls with tool boxes and those buckets just get too loaded down with stuff you'll need once in a blue moon... Otherwise, good luck...

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    I think if you get either version of VOM's from field piece (thier newest ones anyway), you'll have all the meter you need for most of your stuff. I have the stick meter with a clip on amp clamp, it works fine, but it's a pain having to dig it out when I need it.

    The debate of tool bags vs tool box's is a tough one. I have 3 main bags for tools (one bag for drills and other cordless goodies), one for basic sheetmetal installation (snips, hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, hand seamers, some nut drivers, etc), one other bag full of the stuff you want to have but not carry everywhere (pattern snips, hole punch, other misc tools). I have a tool box set up for soldering with a few fittings in it, solder, flux, brazing rod, emery cloth, torch, etc). It's all a personal preference, but that said I'd say bags seem to be the most popular that I've seen.

    One more thing, don't be affraid to ask questions while your there, thats the best way to learn! Second only to asking questions here lol.

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    i also say go with the aas route. I went this way along with aas's in welding and industrial electrical. i say this because at the age of 25 I am a licensed contractor in hvac and electricity and own my own shop.

    good luck

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    do a search on what guys carry in their tool bags. It is am impressive list.

    Also, attitude makes a big impression on employers.

    Look up the thread, "top ten things to know". This also will tell yo a lot of what is expected.

    Another one is "Grow your own tech".

    Welcome to the forum community.

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    FLUKE FLUKE FLUKE !!! It really does not matter which one you buy just make sure it is a FLUKE . Your teachers are teaching you wrong by telling you a Feild POS is better !!! Depending on what you plan on doing will decide what meter you will need. I personally carry on me a Fluke with the built in amp clamp. I keep my more expensive Flukes in the van for when I need a reading more detailed. If you plan on runing residential service I would buy the Fluke with the built in amp clamp. They are around $90-100 at a supply house.

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    Hummmmmmmmmm! Must be days ! Cause i didnt tell him feild piece is the BEST only a cheaper starter meter!!
    and u cant be John, cause he doesnt ask for advice, HE KNOWS IT ALL ALREADY!!!!

    Guess Who!!

    Oh and by the way ! Get off here and STUDY, Finals THur and Tues !!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH

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