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    My current main implement of sonic destruction is a '02 Gibson Les Paul Flametop Std. w/'50's neck. Played through a Marshall TSL-100 tube head. What axe do you play? C'mon, there has to be some closet "rock-stars" out there.

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    In honor of Murray Woodgate (aka Carnak) 1961 - 2010

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    rock and roll aint noise pollution

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    I play a 5 string Eagle banjo and a Gibson acoustic guitar. I can play pretty much any stringed instrument including the mandolin, 12 string guitar, classic guitar, electric guitar, bass etc. I love blue grass. Never had a lesson in my life either.
    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

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    I sing in the shower and unfortunately for others at karioke (sp?) bars after too many tequilas., and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    The mullett king, Mattm should be along shortly...
    Hey mosquito, quit biting (slap!!) me... ©
    Anyone like Josey Wales?
    C'mon, you know I'm right!

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    git tar players my eye, with out us drummers you couldn't keep a beat.
    i wanted to put a picture here

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    I play the radio....

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    fender strat ivory with white pick gaurd
    kramer strat candy apple red black pick gaurd
    washbern acustic
    crate vintage club 50 tube amp with two 12 inch spekers

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    I've hinted to my wife that I want a guitar for Christmas.
    But for now All I do is play air guitar and Whitesnake sometimes........

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    Never had the knack. I'm a professional appreciater. Where would the pro's be without us?

    Always admired a hot sax, but too many keys for fat fingers. Been trying to teach myself the blues harp. Loooong way to go...
    "That's good enough..." usually isn't.

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    Got a new Stat for Christmas 2 yrs ago. Looks cool. Sounds great when Vinny comes over and plays it for me. With the house empty and the headphones on, I am AWESOME! The instrument I play best is my CD player in the car followed by music DVDs on the flat screen TV. Still can't carry a tune in a bucket. They asked me Not to sing in church..

    Preferences are:

    A) Floyd

    B) whatever else as long as it ain't country (spelled suicide music), cRap, hip-hop, disco, punk, ultra way out hard core really crappy played metal/ grunge like most current bands, or 99% of female singers (wailers).

    Can survive on Skynyrd, Clapton, most guitar rock from about '67 to '75 with very damned little since.

    If you get a chance the Australian Pink Floyd is actually worth it. Instead of a pig for One of These Days, they use a giant inflatable 'Roo! Funny as hell. They use a lot of the graphics Floyd did but pasted 'Roos onto the screen.

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    fender precision bass, PJ emg active electronics, trace elliot 250w combo with 1 15" black widow

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    Could it be?

    The circle light in the clouds.....
    with the shape of an AX?...

    Yes, the defender of R&R.....has been summoned....

    35 years, Steve Vai to...well, is there anything else...
    Oh yeah, Jazz Fusion....definitely on the R&R end of things....

    1956 Gibson ES-150,
    Bill Lawrence Jazz Rythm Pickup...
    Dimarzio Super Distort Lead Pickup
    Nerd electronics inside....
    Reworked neck.....very fast....very nice sounding beast.
    Don't let the 'F' holes fool ya LOL

    1980 Gibson Paul
    Bill Lawrence Jazz Rythm Pickup...
    Dimarzio Super Distort Lead Pickup
    Nerd electronics inside....
    Reworked neck....very fast
    Everybody calls this nerd's battle ax....
    Used it at the biker bars..... Great for blocking air
    born the beer bottle that someone threw
    at someone else but missed.....DUCK!

    1968 Gibson L5
    Ok, not a R&R ax......or is it????

    1981 Ibanez GB-10
    Nerd Electronics....
    Reworked neck... George Benson just didn't get it right.

    2004 Ibanez GAX 70
    Little nerds ax....
    Its great when your kid gets into this stuff....
    Really cool

    2004 B.C.Rich Warlock - "The Fly" - in a cool coffin case..
    Joint ownership.... Nerd/Little Nerd...
    That way Little Nerd's allowance isn't lost to beefing up this fine piece, ok, it probably wouldn't look too good for an old guy like Nerd to be caught in public with this thing LOL...

    Digitech RP200a amp modeler(s) Yeah, Nerd got one...little nerd got one....or he would had taken mine! :|

    1400 watt Crown stero power amp
    NEI mixing board
    Dual 31 band EQ
    Custom Made speaker cabs housing reconed JBL E-130s.
    (Nerd abused these fine air movers...had to get them back into rockin shape... They don't make em like they used to.

    Pedal board with Boss distort stomp boxes (3 types)...
    Marshal govn'r
    MXR Comps.... I like stacking these.....
    I know there's more on that board....
    The list goes on... All for the defense initiative of R&R!

    I may be a nerd....but a rockin nerd and proud of it!

    Now to check the super heat at the truss rod.....
    Is there a P/T chart for unobtainium?


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