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    HR is tricky

    I'm no expert in it but it is tricky.

    If one employee makes an acusation about another the employer has to walk a tight rope between ignoring what could be a serious issue and what could be perceived as someone causing trouble for someone else.

    He may be waiting and observing until he himself sees a just cause to hand him the cup and say "filler up tinkerbell".

    I'm glad I'm not in HR!

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    It's hard to let a performer go even though you may actually be hurting him in the long run if you keep him on
    if he has aproblem with drugs or alcohol but sometimes the bottomline clouds thing and if the guy is bringing $$$ in for your boss it won't be easy for him to let him go. Plus those guys are more apt to stick around( not likely they can run and get a job at big company that will piss test them).
    thehumid1-------I live in NJ, a state where it's free to come in but you have to pay to leave!

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    whats he smoking?whats the big least he isnt spung out on meth...
    but yeah he shouldnt be smoking at work..

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    Originally posted by Diceman
    Originally posted by control_noob
    Hey, I started the 10,000th thread! Do I get a prize or anything? :-)
    Yeah, an oz of some good hydroponic........
    LMAO! Where were you 20 years ago? :-)

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