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    Hey guys

    I was wondering if any of you guys can tell me more about the rses programs. Are all there courses self study or do they have traditional class courses too.



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    I've been in RSES for a few years. I think I joined in 1968.

    You can take the courses through your local chapter. They are a lot of fun if you can find a teacher to volunteer to host the course and you have good participation.

    My hiring rules is that any tech that I hire has to have an Associates Degree or the equivalent to be taken into our apprentice program. Anyway I hire a young lad as a helper last spring. Since he is 21 he is out on his own. Apparently his folks weren't able to send him to advanced education after school. He worked all summer like a tiger.

    So what am I to do. I realize that I am not a teacher so I asked the guys on here about a correspondence course that this guy might take which would give him the formal stuff so he could qualify for our apprecticeship.

    I was lead to the RSES correspondence course. The company bought him the course for around $350. I think. He takes it home and reads it during the week and on monday evenings he and I sit at the computer and do the audio presentations and quiz. This way I can give him some insight about the really important stuff. It is working out great.

    The quality of the course is excellent. If you get something wrong on the quiz the computer tell you what page and paragraph to look it up. The audio and graphics is just suburb.

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