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    I am presently rehaping after knee surgery, My doctor and I have been trying to establish what is considered min fitness requeirmens for a hvac service tech. My employer does not have a policy. I have seen such polics in the past but now that I need a copy of one,I have had no luck

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    A physical therapist could probably tell you.
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    It wouldn't do you any good even if you found one.

    You will have to meet "the physical requirements" of the job is the way most descriptions read. For example: your doctor may say you can't climb a ladder or lift more than 10 pounds. These types of restrictions be contrary to what the employer's description is. Another employer might put you to work doing resi pm's and not care about the restrictions.

    Good Luck!

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    If this industry had min health or even physical requirements in order to be a service tech ... half the guys on this site who are over forty wouldnt have a job come tomorrow!!!

    Cops have physical requirements, dont they? Yet look at how so many of them couldnt chase a rolling donut they just dropped!

    So go firgure.

    And many guys who are recovering from injury ... they just grin and bare it when the pain comes upon them.

    It's just the way we are.

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