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    So for all you sport fans out there what do you think of notre Dame firing their head Coach was it a smart move or a move that will just push them down along dark road of college footbal basement

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    not a smart move, a coach shouldbe given a minimum 5 years. the first three, he is using the former coaches players.
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    totaly agree he is the first in seventy something years at n d to be fired after only three years of coaching

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    I thought the move was great.

    This coach appeared to have it together and it seemed only a matter of time before the program turned around.

    Now, they have a better chance of stinking things up for a few more years..... Excellent!

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    A bunch of good college coaches were fired this year, what they did to Ron Zook was a disgrace. These schools are all into the $ and biz of sports, getting outta hand. ND has alwaye been a tough place to coach, they ain't been happy since the days of the Gipper, screw them........ and the rest of em too.
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    Ty is a great coach !! I was supprised that he was ever even hired for the coaching job being a black man. I am glad they gave him a chance but I never thought I would see a black head coach at Notre Dame.

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