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    I need some info on some of the possible occupations in ammonia referigeration. I'm getting ready to start training and i want to see if this is really what i want to do.

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    ammonia is mainly usd in commericcal and industrial installations and mainly on the refer side of things. it is good work if you can do it

    hope this helps some

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    it kinda helps... im looking for more along the lines of what kinda jobs are there in ammonia refer... job titles... something...

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    I believe the average age in Ammonia in Cailf. is in the 60's so their is opertunity.

    chief engineer
    plant operator
    watch stander

    My brothers are in that field so what I know about today conditions come from family get togethers.
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    thank you snipe

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    I worked for five years for a company that installed and did service work on Ammonia refrigeration systems. Ammonia is and will most likely always be the refrigerent of choice in large industrial refrigeration sytems. The systems are fairly complex, and I found the work extremely interesting. If you go to work for a contracting company you can plan on being away from home a lot. Many of the places you will work are processing plants in the middle of nowhere. This is why I got out of it.

    If you can achieve a high level of competence, you can make good money in this field. In all of the facilities we worked in, there were usually just one or two guys who really understood how the systems worked, and how to keep them working. These guys made good money.

    As to your questions about possible occupations in this field there are not a lot of them as this is not a huge industry. You could be maintance person at a plant. You could be a service person for a contracting company. You could be an installer for a construction company(pretty much a pipe fitter). This really doesn't sound like a great business to be in, but it can be. I have no figures to back this up, but I would say a person competent in nh3 refrigeration would make 30% more than a person competent in HVAC. Hope this helps.

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    It is really easy to learn about refrigeration when you can walk around (and sometimes crawl into) the equipment. The only catch is that all of the systems are one-of-a-kind. If someone lets a hack job install happen, the operator/maintenance personnel may get stuck with a nightmare....for about 30 to 35 years. There are some good opportunities in this field (I've been in it about 10 yrs.) Pay in the Atlanta area ranges from about 38k to 60k yr. depending on co. and experience. If I can be of any assistance, e-mail me at

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    cheap. good. big $$$$$, if your good. here is a free tip keep liquid away from the compressor

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    thanks guys. any other assistance is appreciated

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    follow the physics and its pretty easy. you will see it also in skating rinks a lot. so you could be a rink plant manager or operator as well. usually the systemes are really well built because of the inherent dangers, you will see socket weld fittings, stainless trim on valves etc. at least when there is a small leak you can find it with your nose, but large leaks leave your sweat glands burned! oh and when you reclaim the gas into a bucket of water, the mixture really cleans your truck windows good!

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