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    I need some info on some of the job opportunities in ammonia referigeration

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    visit hvac-agent.

    Or seek the counsel of the guys here who do serious amonia work. There are several here who know that facet of the industry like the back of their hand.

    Do a search and locate who are the men who are into that gas.

    Thats what I'd do if I wanted to work amonia. But amonia is THE reason they developed fron in the first place.

    Amonia is some serious stuff.....

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    Ammonia is some serious stuff. But there are some good jobs out there. Look in the food industry. In the system I work on the ammonia system is just part (although a big part) of the work load we have. There are also lots of air conditioners, freezers, and heaters, that are part of our job to keep up and running. In my plant we have 25 Trane RTU's 5 to 50 ton.
    You can get a serious look from many companies if you have HVAC experience. Then you can be helpful on the HVAC equipment while they get you trained on the NH3 system.

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    This here might help,the resort where I work have a ice skating rink and I know some of the older guys work there with ammonia equipment.Personaly I try to keep my distance from thier shop because ammonia is a very dangerous system.But you might what to check on ice skating rinks.
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    check us out

    what do you need to know about ammonia systems.ive been in the buisness now for years and the opportunity is unbelievable...

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    Breweries use big ammonia systems. There's a Miller Brewery here in Ft. Worth. They do their own ammonia system work and sub out the regular HVAC. I've done alot of work there and their guys have high union wages ...great benefits.
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