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    I have a Skuttle Auto Moist humidifier(Model 592-9, 24 volt)and a Rheem electric heat pump unit(units were installed by a local HVAC company). The unit and humidifier are two years old(second winter this year). Last year I set the humidistat at 40% and after a few days it reached and maintained the ~40% throughout the winter. Last week I turned on the cold water supply and set the humidistat to 40%. This week, I'm still at 30%. I've checked the water supply to the solenoid and it's fine. My indicator light on the mounting panel doesn't come on when my unit blower is operating. Th wiring inside the mounting panel consists of stat wire(?)that has a red, green, and white wire(from the heating unit to the panel and from the humidistat inside the house to the panel). I assume it's wired correctly since it worked fine last winter. From looking at it, the 24 volt supply should power the indicator light and the solenoid during operation. How can I check to see if I have the 24 volt supply? Can the 24 volts be measured directly from the wire coming from the heating unit, or at the indoor humidistat? Thanks up front for any help provided!


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    Have you preformed the recommend maintenance on your unit??

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    Yes, as far as what is mentioned in the owner's manual, which is turn off the power and water during the summer, and make sure that mineral contents in the water supply doesn't clog the supply tubing or nozzle. It does mention replacing the filter each heating season, but I haven't done that. The nozzle appears to be open at the oriface, and the filter seems to get water through it OK. The manual is more technical for installation, etc., and only has a "Home Owners Tips" section mentioning the power and water supply, checking or replacing the nozzle and filter. I have the unit removed, so I can disassemble and clean all parts if that's recommended. Is there something else I might do? I appreciate the quick reply!


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