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    Blue Flame Log Lighter + Insert


    I have a fireplace with a log lighter (approx 16" bar for lighting logs using propane). Now I would like to install a fireplace insert that would fit into the fireplace opening directly in front of the log lighter bar..

    Do you have to completely remove the log lighter bar from the fireplace?

    Does anyone have any experience with such an installation? Any words of advice?



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    The log lighter should be completely removed. Any future inadvertent release of gas behind your insert would not be good.

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    Does anyone Know if a flame out the air/gas mixing chamber is normal or does this indicate low gas pressure?

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    Exclamation shut it down immediately!

    This is called 'flashback' and is hazardous. Shut it down immediately and call for professional service. Could be a number of things including low gas pressure, high primary aeration, LP gas through a NG burner, etc.. Have a pro check it out.

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    Thanks have done so.

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