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Thread: work pants

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    Aug 2004
    Buttcrack City. [/B]
    Can you imagine that town's Chamber of Commerce slogans!

    If they produced milk there you would hear "Come to Butcrack City and smell the Dairy Air!"

    If they had a giant telescope you would hear "Come to Butcrack city and look for Uranus!"

    If they had a hospital that speciallized in snake anti-venom you would hear "Come to Butcrack City and fix your pain in the asp!"

    (Stop me when I get to a funny one!!)

    If they had a famous author you would hear "Come to Butcrack City home of C. Moore Butts!"

    If they had a pro football team you would hear "Come to Butcrack City home of the Cardinals!" -- Oh wait they only play like they are from butcrack city.

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    Aug 2004
    Mine are Red Kap too, but made in The Dominican Republic!
    I wear them under my Refrigiwear parka and Pants!
    If at first you don't succeed....
    Dig in the trash for the instructions!

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    Mar 2003
    Originally posted by benncool
    Originally posted by mattm
    Mine say 38X30 ?
    Buttcrack City.
    Long tailed shirts help in that area. I will never have a plumbers ass.

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    Jun 2004
    Howell, Michigan
    Cintas.....Real long tail shirts to cover butt crack

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    levi's 501 in black. hides the dirt and lasts two years

    and we all schould work to stomp out butt crack

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