I gave my wife a valentine, she smiled and then she said
I have something for you too, my dear, its upstairs on the bed
I thought “Wow, this is great” as an image filled my head
She winked at me and disappeared and up the stairs she fled

Now I’m not one to hesitate when it comes to acting fast
I knew this opportunity was one that would not last
My head was spinning like a top my joy was unsurpassed
The pounding in my chest increased as each long second passed

I heard her yell “I’m waiting, Dear, don’t sit there in that chair”
I couldn’t wait a minute more, I bounded up the stair
Three at a time like a running deer with nostrils all aflare
And then I slipped head over heels, went flying through the air

The stars came out but I jumped up and renewed my bold ascent
And once again I missed a step and upside down I went
“Oh man, that hurts” I screamed out loud and saw my leg was bent
I grabbed the rail and dragged my self like a dog who’d found the scent

Just as I reached the top-most step I met her blazing eyes
Just what do you think that I meant? She took me by surprise.
“I thought you said..” she cut me off and pointed to my prize
There on the bed was an open box. A new shirt and two ties.