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    I have recently found out that I have severe water damage in my two bathrooms in the house. However, when the inspector and contractor when into my crawl space to inspect the subfloors that found that I have mold covering every floor joist under the house. IN addition, all of my insulation is soaked and all of my duct work is wet with condensation. After inspection, they found that none of my duct work has any mastic at all, there is no vapor barrier, the duct work was not sealed off at all (in fact, I have been cooling my crawl space for the past few years) and the duct work is not securely strapped (to the point that the ducts under my master bedroom and my kids room are almost laying on the ground and is causing my bedroom to be about 13 degrees hotter than the rest of the house). In addition to those problems, the A/C unit is causing so much moisture that it is blowing the moisture into my house. I now have mold in my A/C Return and in one of my interior walls which is right next to a floor vent, I have moisture that is trapped 3 feet up the wall, trapped inside the wall. The floor has so much moisture that all of my tile in the kitchen is starting to crack, all of my subfloor is saturated and started rotting.

    My insurance company will pay for the damaged bathrooms because that was caused by a leaking drain. However, they will not cover the HVAC system repair. And the company that installed my HVAC system has told me they are not going to help me at all and that I am on my own with paying for it, even though they recognize their employees did a crappy job with the installation. I have pictures that shows the duct work with no mastic, no vapor barrier, no support straps and the heat pump under he house is put together and sealed up with Black electrical tape. In addition, they used FLEX pipe to cover the entire 1300 sq feet of duct work. I do not have the first bit of hard pipe.

    Now I am going to have to rip out all of my duct work,heat pump and condensor and replace it all with a new unit and hard pipe.

    I do not know what the difference is between a central A/C unit and a heat pump? And what unit should I go with? I have been told Amana is a good system and a Carrier? I live in Middle Georgia where it gets pretty hot during the summer and doesnt get too cold during the winter. Can someone help me out here? And if you want to see the pictures of the work, I wll be more than happy to forward them to you.

    Thanks for your help,

    Frustrated Beyond Belief

    P.S. I am sorry for the lengthy post, I just wanted to make sure I got it all on here. My wife and I are now having to live in a hotel for the next 6-8 weeks because of the mold and us not having access to a bathroom, and she is not happy at all due to the fact that she is giving birth to my 3rd child in two weeks and realizes she will have to bring that baby home to a hotel instead of our home. SO PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!

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    Call a lawyer, the AC company has insurance, they should have know better.
    Don'y let the lawyer do a percentage, do a fee because their insurance company will settle and you need this problem addressed not drug out
    You have got to learn from other people's mistakes! Because God knows you don't live long enough to make them all yourself !!!!!!!!

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    Even with a properly installed system, you will have problems in your crawlspace. follow this link:

    and this link:

    then go to for more information.

    Good luck.
    Remember, Air Conditioning begins with AIR.

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    Have your insurance company send out a water damage restoration company that can install large portable dehumidifiers in and under you house to dry out everything. Read and follow Kevin's suggestions in the articles.

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    As far as equipment goes the big manufacterers are Rheem/Ruud,Trane/American Standard,Carrier/Bryant with Lennox a close fourth.Then there are middle of the road in quality units like ,Armstrong,Amana,York etc etc.
    Ask 6 differant contractors and you will get 6 differant opinions Like if you ask me ,I like Trane/American Standard because those are what I am most familiar with.
    You are in a tough spot and That is truely too bad.I wish you luck in your predicament and joy in your new child.

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