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    I work for Trane & I have worked on a MCC room with a window unit in the morning & that afternoon work on a 1400 ton centrifugal. It all pays the same so it really doesn't matter to me. I mostly work on, & prefer to work on process cooling applications in chemical plants. My accounts have low temp Carrier centrifugals, Frick & FES low temp screw compressor skids. I have a 5,000 ton & a 3,500 ton chiller plant at two different plants I take care of also. I am currently overhauling a CVHF1280.

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    If it can't run away fast enough I'll fix it. Worked at mostly small to medium shops, started installing while still in tech school, and turned service at the company after that. Seems like the smaller places work on a larger variety. Anything from a cascade box, to boilers, and some chillers.

    Until a couple years ago worked 10yrs for a place that split time between regular accounts with a lot of computer rms, and renting/servicing shop built portable A/C systems from 5 to 1200 tons. Having been involved providing temporary setups for movies, TV, and cover for exsisting system retrofits, including a launchpad at Vandenburg, made it interesting. Especially making something promised by a salesman work, I would have swore no one ever could, until we had to. And made it work.

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