Oh man! We got a treat in class today.

We got to tear apart and put an SLP98V through it's paces today, and take a look at it's design! This thing was only a pipe dream when I started working at the factory.

To see it realized was amazing! The clams are right about half the dimensions of the original 22kbtu clams and put out 11kbtu. So a 36B-070 would now be more like a 36B-135. But with six half-sized clams. It's freakin amazing to see this. You can put this little dinky (33") furnace ANYWHERE! I'd even put it in a mobile home!

The iControl thermostat is also really cool. Basically takes almost all the guess work out of fixing these units. Tells you what the fault code is, and from there you can go to fix it. It will even tell you the discharge air temp if you have the special attachment.

It was just really sweet to see this. What are your thoughts?