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    I appreciate the info very much, and its always good for us designers to get real world feedback and analysis from guys who've been at it for a while and know what they're doing. Unfortunately, many of the contractors we run across aren't so knowledgeable.

    I've certainly planned to add in all the heat producing equipment, from the walk-in & refrigerators, to the heat racks, computers and lighting.

    I worked in pizza shops back in highschool and remember the offices were always very hot, no doubt the computers were playing a major factor there (I may be showing my age with that one...) The heat produced by a computer power supply sure can't be forgotten though. I know that if I leave mine running in my apartment it heats the room up considerably, and I can feel the heat on my legs under the in a 50 sq ft manager's office it'll have a major effect.

    I'm sure at first I'll get some funny looks with the equipment spec, but once covering everything and explaining the reasoning I'm confident it'll work out, especially since they've had problems with lackluster'll be pretty easy for them to understand its due to under sized RTUs.

    With major investments most people tend to be more interested in avoiding losing money later than they are saving a few bucks today, its just a matter of showing them the benefit of the extra expenditure without looking like a snake oil salesman...

    thanks for all the help!

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    Your welcome, and it's nice to talk to someone who cares and listens. I ollow behind a lot of contractors and techs who don't know or don't care. We aren't cheap,but when nobody else can fix it they call us. First I fix what was done wrong; then I fix what was wrong to start with. Not that I have the big

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