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    I need a little help with wires. Replacing cond. fan and capasitor.

    Hello and thank you for looking.

    I am replacing a condensor fan motor and capacitor on a older RUDD unit model UPFB-036JAB. My old fan motor (Magnetek 51-211855-02) has three wires. The old cap. is an oval dual run and has a brown wire on "F", one red and one orange wire in "C" and a purple in "Herm"

    I bough a new fan motor to replace the old but it has four wires -white, black brown and brown/white.

    On the side of the new motor I see: Black and white going to "Line", Brown and brown/white going to the capacitor so i am thinking that the black wire from fan goes to T1, the white wire goes to T2, the brown wire goes to "F" in capacitor, and the brown/white to "C", now...the old capacitor had two wires on the "C" (one red and an one orange) Question: Do I need to bridge T1 to "C" in this case?????

    Thank you for your time

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    No, you only need three of the wires from the motor. If you call a good company and pay them for their knowledge they will fix it for you.
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    Not a DIY site. Call in a pro.
    Also read the other part in the rules about duplicate posts.
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