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Thread: Duct work help

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    Duct work help

    First of all I like to say to all new here and for some reason I cant explain Ive always been drawn to HVAC so here goes.

    At the end of my trunk on a split system I have a 48x9x7 piece i would like to make smaller for head room in a lower bath room, within that piece I have a six in round running 20 feet to up stairs livingroom. If I find the volume of the piece which is 3024 and just come up with a different configeration like 48x16x4 which is 3072 would that have any affect on force. House is just under 1500 sf and I have a new 80000 btu furnance.


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    So ya get 3 more inches of headroom?
    I don't have my ductolator but it should work.
    Make sure the round take offs don't stick down into the trunk.

    Drawn into hvac????
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!


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    You are standing too close to the return.

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