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    Truck Farm Blast Chiller

    I have been working on two coolers all summer at a farm. They bring squash in from the fields, wash it, grade it, box it, and put it into a first cooler that we converted to a blast chiller by building a box under the evaps. A high velocity fan is mounted on top of the box: then a reinforced tarp is draped on top and at the opposite end of the palleted squash. There are two rows with a space down the middle. The fan pulls the cold air through the boxes and exhausts it below the evaps. We have cobbled this system together from diverse new and used parts, modified as we went, and gotten better and better at removing the heat from squash that has typically been 85 to 90 degrees when put in the cooler. They go through 8000 boxes a week when picking hard. They are also nestled in the Mtns. of Northeast Ala. and have spring water for their water supply. The wash tanks are now kept at 65 to 70 by running the spring water in all the time which starts cool down process. We are talking about a 404A condenser/evap package to add cooling capacity at the start of cooling down a load and dropping it out at 45 or so. It's been fun, interesting and educational. As late as last Sat, the blast chiller is doing it's job and another larger cooler will actually get too cold if they ask it to.

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    I love the smell of phosgene first thing in the morning:

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackertech View Post
    I agree.

    Necessity is the mother of all invention...and this sounds like a good example.

    We Want Pics!

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