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    low lead pex fittings?

    has anyone run into this yet? i have a lumber store close to my house that i will buy a few fittings from. it's retail so i pay shelf price. a couple weeks ago they mentioned all pex fittings after january 1st will have to be low lead and the price will go up. well i didn't think much of it. on saturday i bought two 3/4 elbows for $. now yesterday i stopped to pick up 6 more to get the job finished. they went up all right. from $ to $ . if thats the case i think pex will be gone soon. i have called all my supply hpuses and none have heard of this. even my supply house that only deals with hydronics and sells alot of pex has not heard of this. it looks like it will be copper or cpvc if this is true. i just don't see how they can do this if you use it for heating too. i use alot of pex and have alot of money tied up into tools. this sucks. are they pulling my chain?
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