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    Fair to charge a friend?

    Alright, I have bought a 2 year old unit, it's a 92% effieciency furnace 75,000 Btu, and a 2 1/2 ton 14 seer condenser. This house was rebuilt after a flood and had to have new equipment installed. Now the city is buying it out and since I work in the HVAC field I bought this equipment. Is it fair to charge a friend for taking pumping this unit down, removing it , hauling it 60 miles and re installing it in his place as he has probably an 8 seer air conditioner. His furnace is already a 92% with a 2 1/2 ton A/C. I just figured it would easier to change out the furnace with this other furnace because they are both downflows and I'm going to have to remove the furnace he has to put the new A-coil in. That's the backround.

    Question is. Is it fair to charge a friend to do this, I have always helped friends for free if they covered the materials. Maybe I'm getting stingy, but anymore it's getting old. My wife and I just had a kid, and it will be a good day project or so by the time I run a new line set. I just feel really guilty about charging ppl. Obviously that would have to change if I was ever in business for myself. My boss doesn't care if I do it, so that's not why I feel guilty. I have to pay for my licenses every 2 years, take ceu's, on and on. It's isn't free to be in this field is what I feel like. Now if I ever needed concrete work done, this friend could help. Just looking for some input, that's all.

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