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    Stuck with the misfortune of a large # of older GWIT's to service, circa 1990 or there abouts. KG or HG defrost on all, but they tend to freeze up in drain pan and discharge side of case, cases only have drain outlet heater.
    From my experience with this style of case they should have full length drain pan heaters, even the newer style Hussmann LWU island freezers seem to need them.
    Alot of these cases are also missing the sheet metalcover on top of the coil, which is contributing to icing under the pans I believe. Plan to get a bunch made up.
    My questions are.
    1. Anyone have some GWIT's that are staying clear of ice with or without full drainpan heaters?
    2. What discharge temp should be reached on defrost? My literature says 56-60 degs.
    Any other hints or experience with these older units would be appreciated.

    My personal preference would be toss the GWIT's for new energy efficient glass doors.
    Watts New, Ohm My, I been Electrically Commutated. Are U2.

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    bryan l Guest
    Just giving this post a bump, Im in the same boat with McCool and I dont think we were ever given a paddle... Did you get a paddle McCool? I need one for truck stock. were stuck up the creek without a paddle again.

    SOMEONE has to have some info here guys and gals.

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