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    HVAC Abb ACH550 Drives

    is there a place that would buy these back .. I am in Austin TX

    Quantity for sale 4each
    Manufacturer ABB
    Part Number ACH550-vd 012a-4
    Condition ( used)

    Quantity 4 each
    Manufacturer ABB
    Part Number ACH550-vd 08A8-4
    Condition used

    Quantity 4 each
    Manufacturer ABB
    Part Number Ach550--VD023A-4
    Condition used

    Quantity 4
    Manufacturer ABB
    Part Number ACH550-VC45A-4
    Condition used

    Quantity 1
    Manufacturer ABB
    Part Number ACH550-VD 031A-4
    Condition used)
    All come with ACH-CP-B and weather proof Enclosure. as per attached pictures . Drives are in Austin Texas and ready to ship.
    units where first installed on may 2008 taken out of service in August 2010

    Two Greencheck Blowers 3 hp and 30hp and oe NYB blower 10 hp centerfuginal. aluminum ..


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    When you find a place could you let me know since I have some new stock on hand that I can not move. Thanks.

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    do you still have drives?

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