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    With no load on the circut.. You could easy get 60 volts.


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    Originally posted by rooky
    the contactor ( outdoor unit ) was making a lot of noise because its coil was at 60 Volts Ac.
    He had a load.

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    aren't 2 tr wired together because a single tr can't handle the systems VA requirement. Also, they should be in phase correct?

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    Hi! I've been lost fro the forum for a good time. We had been busy ( very unusuall for Fiarfax, VA ) this time of the year. We have been installing ( I' installer Helper ) furnaces and Heat pumps like crazy.
    The reason why I asked this question about the two transformers was more like to learn more. I recently ( last week ) got two identical Tyco 7242 120 Pri & 24Sec 60 HZ 10 VA transformers ( we use them to install Aprilaire Humidifiers... yes I installed the fuse and a switch )and wired them in parallel ( primaries ) and the secondaries in series.I measured about 57 volts at the ( If you have te two transformers facing you, I connected the two middle low side terminals together and I measured the voltage at the outer two terminals ) low side of it.
    Thanks again for all the replys I really learn from you guys.

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    take your co-workers meter and change the battery in it then give him your meter then take him to the unit where he measured 60 volts, if you both then measure 60 volts on the same terminals that he previously did then make sure the unit is grounded properly, if you still measure 60 volts there is something terribly wrong, and you need to troubleshoot that, not conduct silly experiments with transformers.

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    nothin better than watching your only or last transformer start to smoke

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    Originally posted by live365
    nothin better than watching your only or last transformer start to smoke
    Is there any way to recapture the "magic smoke" ? Hate that smell too... he he

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