About 3 months ago I moved into a house that is about 5 years old.
During the summer on A/C mode the indoor coil drain pan was overflowing. I cleaned out the drain pipe but it continued to overflow.
I thought the coil was not level so I shimmed up the back so it would drain out the front.
That didn't work so I probably might have a hole in the pan.
I was going to wait until after the holiday and before spring to have it looked at.
But now I'm running into problems in heat mode.
The outdoor condenser has frozen up, the unit ran all night and only got up to 65 in the house.
This morning the outdoor unit was a block of ice this did a week ago also.
I put gauges on it and the it was around 225 and the suction was real low at 30.
I have a smaller unit in the basement at it was at 175 and 60 on suction.
I cleaned the filters, condenser and coil but that's about as far as I go on refrigeration.
Do you suggest anything that I could do or somebody to check it out.