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    The same building posted about in "Supersized" has some very old pneumatic controls...

    Ever wonder where Johnson Controls got it's start? :-)

    Absorber controls and the spaghetti inside!

    Sadly, most of the controls in this building have fallen into disrepair... of the controls shown, most are abandoned in favor of DDC... Metasys style. :-)

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    When those controls were built and installed Johnson Controls was called Johnson Service Company. And most of the controllers are not original. In the second picture the mercoid switch is original but the EP valve on the right is newer.

    Then inside the cabinet all the controllers and switches have been replaced EXCEPT the controller on the bottom left which is an all brass body T-900 or T-901. It's truely and antique and worth saving. And I bet it is still working perfectly. I have not seen one of those in many years.

    Actually on second look the brass body controller is not the early verson but uses a pneumatic signal for control from the bottom. The first and early ones used a capillary tube for temp sensing.

    Thanks for the pictures. That's when craftsmanship was in.
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    Pictures are cool there Control... is this an up and running system? Are you able to collect labels and stuff from 'non-working parts? Good find. Johnson Service parts were known when I started the uphill climb of confusion with pneumatics in the late seventies...
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    Thanks ricm, we are slowly converting the whole mess over to ddc, I'm hesitant to do any tearout because about half of the old pneumatics are still active. I'm also a sub in the bldg. so all my time has to be paid for... bosses hate to spend money to make things pretty, that's why so much is still there.

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    nices pictures....control-noob

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