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    We've all tried to go to a website only to find it's down. Sometimes only for an hour, sometimes all day.

    Ever wonder, how may times you've gone to a website that's down, and the reason it's down is because of an hvac problem? Like, say, a server room unit went down and the equipment got too hot?

    just a random thought for the day hehe

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    I have pondered that, and had some mild panic thinking about that too.

    Local phone/cable company around here had some major problems, and I heard about it just from being out and about. Credit card readers weren't working and phones weren't either. After a 3rd stop in an hour (errand running) and found out it wasn't really a small outage I was nervous.

    We take care of all of their hubs, and also their main building (comfort cooling and computer room units). I had visions one of their over worked undersized units dying and stuff over heating.

    I went on a little drive and stopped at the main building. There was one truck there so I went in to see what was going on (crossing my fingers mind you, that it wasn't us!). I guess they did a software update over the night and it didn't work lol.

    Maybe I worry too much sometimes.
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