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    I want to know how many of you guy's go to your first call in the morning, and a lady comes to the door either panties/bra or teddy, or almost nothing on to greet you. I just say , Mrs, could you please get dressed so I can work on your heat/a/c.. I have also been there when they come home and put on shorts, and tee-shirt with no bra..

    They wonder why they get into trouble with men, and if they offer a package like some of them...

    My buddy at work says it's (eye candy) enjoy it.

    It just makes me nervous..
    'Life begins with the journey each day'

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    Only in my fantasies.

    I did very little residential service the rest was commercial stuff. So all I ever saw was either maintenance men or foreigners.

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    It's just like the fable the kings new clothes.

    Dont acknowledge what you see and you stay out of trouble.

    Had a friend and co-worker who got caught up in that trap with a married customer.

    Long story short, he ended up loosing his wife,kids,job and received a brief vacation in the hospital courtesy of the husband.

    We've been doing so much,for so long,with so little, that now we can do almost anything, with nothing at all.

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    It is their home and their comfort zone. I don't mention anything if it were to come up but I would be extremely evasive as far as looking or what ever and I would avoid contact as much as possible.

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    Then you have to tell them the gas odor was from a leaky nipple.

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    just say "gotta go get the nipple tray and lay some hard pipe!

    But for real....You guys hiring

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    Red face

    its all eye candy till the little 5 yr. old girl asks mommy why that guy is looking at her butt . i was there when my manger got busted

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    My father in law delievered milk to homes. A few times he was greated by the lady of the house in bra and panties complaining of being cold. Pop just put the milk in the kitchen and left as fast as he could. One of his co workers didn't, husband came home and walked in on something. the wife screamed rape. guy lost his job, family, and had expensive lawyer fees. Pop always said that only one woman was worth that kind of trouble and he was married to her.
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    I was working at an apartment complex (remodel), we'd replace about a handfull of the furnaces, then they'd move everyone around, so on and so on.

    There was one girl there who loved attention and to show off. Only a plumber took the bait, although he says he never did anything with her. But anyway, it was common for her to be seen around showing off her body with few clothes on.

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    talk show in my area had women calling in on fantasy wishes...a repeater was getting the repair guy to get his ticket signed while they were at the sink doing the morning dishes,or on top of the washer in the laundry room when it is in the spin cycle!
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