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    Hmm MODERN freestanding fireplace, need decission

    Hi Everyone
    I'm looking to purchase a modern freestanding fireplace from Hearthstone--euro collection, the Modena model.
    Can anyone tell me how this model compares to other freestanding units in rgards to effciency and fuel cosumtion. Anyone own one of this modern units and can give some usable feedback.
    Thanks in advance.

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    You can easily compare yourself using the manufactures web pages.

    The input BTU is how much gas it will burn per hour.

    When you compare efficiencies make sure you compare the same kind, AFUE, Stead-State and EnerGuide are all derived using different testing methods.

    Another modern stove I know of:

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    Thanks for your reply.
    When I compare this stove with others the specs seem to be lower.
    What I have trouble with, is this stove still in the acceptable range or is it of the chart and will drain my wallet. Where do the combustion values stack up against the competition.
    Also, I understand most of the values, except the Energuide rating. How do I read this ?, on the web I can not find a clear explanation.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    The EnerGuide is a canadian test :

    They do not really seem to get into detail about the testing, just all sort of stuff promoting it.

    The Modena is fairly close to the Paloma in effeciency, about 6% lower on its low end range for the Steady State. The EnerGuide is much lower for some reason.

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    Yes, that's what worries me a bit, that the Energuide rating is so much lower.
    Hard to say, if I'm reading too much into this, as there seems not too much infor out there as to what rating is acceptable and what is not.

    Thanks again for your input

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