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    Why Is My A/C Whistling?

    Zoned 90+ furnace, been chugging away for 10 years. Cust just had A/C clean and check a few weeks ago. Now it's making loud whistling noise when the A/C runs. I go there and find the blower wheel just impacted with dirt. We pulled apart and cleaned her EAC (which they seem to be neglecting) but no one looked at the blower. After cleaning the wheel (no pic of wheel, sorry) I decide to look up at the secondary heat exchanger:

    About a half hour later it looked like this:

    It stopped whistling too! I can understand not looking at the secondary HX on an A/C check, but the blower should've been pulled with a wheel that nasty.
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    And here I thought it was whistling because it didn't know the words.
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    Thumbs down Tell them!

    About the air filter thingys that might catch some of that there debris!

    They were running at peek efficiency? wowwowowowowowowowowowowwowowowowowowowowowowowowo wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowo wowowowo!

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    It could be the mad whistler

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    Good for you man, most other companys would have cleaned the wheel and called it a day.

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    You might want to check out the cooling coil on your next visit.

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    i just whistled looking at that...

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    back when I used to do warranty work ( what a nightmare that was ....... ) was sent out to this section 8 house. complaint low air flow the filter in the furnace was plugged, below the furnace platform was an EAC,, yup cells dirty, and pre screen plugged, then as i was looking round i noted that there was a return filter grille, so i opened it, was yet another plugged filter...... and these people breed ????? not enuff clorine in the gene pool

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    We need to add a new code in the flat rate book. Inspect secondary heat exchanger. 1 hr 199$

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    There are not a lot of 95+ furnaces in this area i guess. And i pulled out an ancient lennox pulse with the 2-speed condenser about a month and a half ago. That's the day i found out about the secondary heat exchanger...and it was very nobody had ever split the condenser coil to clean..evaporator coil was 75 %covered....poor system was doomed

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    It's whistling because it can't scream"I'M DIRTY, CLEAN ME"!!!!!
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    Yet another example of why EAC's should be thrown in the trash, and replaced with a media filter!
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    previous tech should of known something wrong when c/c was done by pressures

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