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    Suprise Camping Gormet Meal

    We went camping over Labor Day weekend but decided to get the meals basically ready before hand. We cut up and deboned 5 chickens into bite size pieces, through salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, garlic powder and some olive oil on it and sealed it up in a bag.

    This sat from Thursday until Saturday. We threw the chicken in a cast iron pan on the open campfire and cooked it until it was just about done. Drained the liquid off and let it brown just a little. Put the meat on a plate to cool and threw butter in the pan, let it melt and deglazed the pan with some Merlot wine. Then we threw in some mushroom and red peppers then decided on the spur of the moment some half and half that we use in our coffee, salt and pepper. Cooked it down for a few minutes.

    The half and half thickened it a little making a thin gravy. Put the chicken on the plate and put the mushroom/pepper mix on top...

    Completely FANTASTIC. One of the best meals I have EVER had for sure the best camping.

    Even the kids loved it so much they wanted more (ages 4, 7, and 11)! It doesn't happen too often that we ALL love a meal that much!

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    Sounds good.

    I always start with a little plan and then start throwing stuff in. I don't get people that are scared to experiment with food. Its food; not pouring concrete or building a house. If you don't like it, don't do it again / try something different next time.

    Campfire meals are awesome.


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