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    filling bore hole hassle

    hey guys, around my area we back fill wells with cracker dust and a benseal plug 20 feet down except some municipalities that require grouting of the entire well in which we sub to the well driller. Its such a hassle filling a well that has standing water close to ground level say 5-10 feet. one shovel in and half of it back out with the water that overflows out the top and that sucks with a well 300 ft deep. What do some of you do with a situation like this? I've pumped the water down about 20 ft with a thrash pump which is a bit of a PITA so I'm looking for a better way.

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    Ask weber well drilling in dagsboro Delaware. Go to the site and hit the contact form, the guy is the best (Andrew) tell him Scott from Crater Mechanical Inc., sent you. He will have the best answer for ya.
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    IGSHPA recommends pressure grouting from the bottom up with a minimum 1" tremie tube. We use BH20 mixed with silica to give us a .88 thermal transfer.
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