I have used the search feature and looked at the existing threads on the TEZ-8. I have a couple of questions that I did not see / or I'm just old and didn't understand , lol.

1) Can you ( or do you ) fill the " cartridges " with oil of your choice or are they meant to be " disposable " ?

2) Has this tool made an exceptional difference on the evacuation process portion of your job ? To the degree that if you encounter an issue during the evacuation process you know " damn well " it's not the pump ? The full view of the oil charge nails this down I'm sure.

3) Is there anything that you don't like about it ? You could buy 2 pumps for the price of this thing ( but still may not half of what this thing appears to offer ).

It looks to be the answer to all of my problems in this area , and I would like to hear this from someone who has one.