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    ALC, SLTA, & Honeywell

    I am the Commissioning Agent (I know everyones favorite guy) on a project that has a Munters unit that is using ALC controls. They have installed a SLTA to provide a LON integration with a Honeywell EBI system. The integration works fine until the Munters unit loses power. Upon a power restore Honeywell is required to re-commission the device in order to get communication working again.

    We tested just removing/restoring power with the SLTA and everything worked fine.

    We also tested removing/restoring power to the Honeywell stuff and everything worked fine.

    The issue only happens when the ALC controller loses power.

    Anyone seen this, have a solution, or should I just tell them to install a small UPS for the ALC controller?

    Thanks in advance for any help!!!

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    Just keeping this post fresh incase someone has any thoughts. I have received a name/# for Munters. If I find out anything useful I will post an additional update.


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    Munters ALC Control

    Travis.....what kind of ALC controller is in it? Is it an IOFlex6126? A Bacview?


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    Our ALC/EPIC/OEM controllers have UPS's.

    We went away from the SLTA because it was way too slow. I didn't personally experience it but I heard about it. We ended up going to a bacnet gateway. From everything I've read it is ALC's implementation of the SLTA that makes it slow. Granted we are going bacnet to lon in many instances, but we had to have a faster interface with all the points.

    I'd really beat up on the Munters/ALC rep and let the contractor know you won't sign off until the problem is fixed. What kind of UPS are you going to install that will keep this from happening on a prolonged power outage? Yeah you can get one to last for short durations, but after a long outage the customer is going to have to/have someone recommission the controller again and that is unacceptable.

    Granted you may be better off doing what was done at our site. ALC to BACNET IP, BACNET IP to BACNET to LON Gateway and then get your LON points through the gateway. By no means ideal, but expecting most end customers to have to recommission a controller....again unacceptable.
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    Same problem now!!!

    We are having the same issue with hardware they whipped out in May 2011. Did anyone get a fix for this? Hard to get the rep on the phone.

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    See my coment on post 24 of this thread.
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