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    I read the fair elections post so I thought I would start this one. If you don't like the way the voting is being handled thank AL gores dumb sore losing @ss. The punch card machines are way more accurate and less vulnerable to tampering. He just had to protest. Then after the recount, he lost, oh wait lets count them again, he lost, lets count them again, he lost. If a vote was not CLEARLY PUNCHED OUT, that is a misvote. Those votes have never been counted and therefore shouldn't have been counted in 2000. And some ignorant people want to believe the supreme court decided the election, WRONG. The court ruled that florida must certify the election by the date mandated by law, which did not leave enough time to "keep counting till we win dammit".

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    I agree with you. With the new machines there will be no paper to recount or prove that the vote has been tampered with.
    Give me the punch card over what we are getting.
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    Calling for a fair election makes one a crybaby, Typical.
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    Originally posted by frozensolid
    Calling for a fair election makes one a crybaby, Typical.
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    Where and when was an unfair election? You're talking about the 2000 election or the 2004 election?

    The dems have already said they want to change the results when () W wins this this election and don't want to be investigated for tampering.

    If there is a bunch of crooks, it's the dems/libs.
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