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    Staefa Talon

    Do you need start-up/commissioning tool to set up new talon VAV boxes on a Talon system, or can you use Niagra AX?

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    You can configure everything in AX. To be more productive you need Staefa templates. The templates allow to configure everything through the graphic interface.

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    We install Honeywell AX equipment. I have a customer with multiple R2 panels with STAEFA Predator controllers. The Customer wants to upgrade to AX. Will a Honeywell branded AX panel work? Is there any JAR files (proprietary) which may cause us problems?

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    There might be some programming in the R2 that will have to migrate, but it upgrades fairly easily.
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    I would program the Talon VAV's using WCIS. It seems to go a lot quicker for me, I usually just program them as I walk around with the air balancer. Piece of cake, takes less than 5 minutes per VAV.

    I can give you this program if you want it. Its free.

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