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    Please Don't Drink The Water

    I installed a radiant system with poured floors (no basement). customer calls, says he hears a loud squeaking noise accompanied by no heat and No pressure the water is not yet hooked up to house. I originally filled unit from neighbor's house. I asked him if he saw any water anywhere. he said no. (here would go pictures of sphincters slapping but I will spare you all.) I then find out that the drywall had just been finshed. I asked customer to call drywaller and ask him NICELY if they used water from boiler, turns out they used the boiler water for mixing mud and one of them was even DRINKING IT.

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    We had a roofer working here one time who drank the chilled water on a roof.
    When we told him what it was he said "Jeez, I thought that water was mighty cold!"

    Of course in my experience I think most roofers are heavy drinkers of anything.
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    OMG. Here's one of those things that I'll step up and admit even though it is embaressing.

    When I was a laborer on some job when I was young this other laborer was getting water from one of those water tanks brought to the jobsite on a trailer.
    So without question I took some drinks out of it.
    When one of the super's got there and saw us drinking it he immediately pointed out the "Not for potable water!" or whatever.

    It didn't have a bad taste. Actually tasted fine as I recall. It may have been just filled up form city water. On the other hand, what if it was filled up from treated effluent?

    I never got sick, but it's one of those things that makes your stomache squeemish when you think about it!

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    about ten years ago, I was a laborer for a masonary company. We were working on a new building at an IBM facility, and I was setting up the site for the day. Saw a hosecock on a large pipe, piles of hose around it, and water on the floor under it, so I thought it was a good place to get my water from, too. Ten minutes after I started using the hose, one of the plumbers came out screaming about how I had ruined the pressure test on his sprinkler/standpipe!

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    Red face Don't Drink the water!!!

    When I was in the Air Force stationed in Australia, in the outback in the early 1980's. I went outside to get a drink of water out of the water spicket, I did not know they used sewage water to water the lawn, needless to say, I guess I brushed my teeth a 100 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Kind of off-topic, but.

    When I was about 6 or 7 years old I went to the jobsite with my dad and had to take a sheet pretty bad. Well, I got done and realized there was no toilet paper. Guess what I used? Uh um, the pink panther endorses it.

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