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    Barf me out! Hey PissAnt™ totally don't bug me!©

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    Duh! A must read for home owners.

    Like, hi... I'm going shopping! Like, oh my gawd! Welcome to!

    The purpose of is totally to provide a rad meeting and learning place for shoppers in the HVAC/R Industry. is totally a moderated site. Moderators will delete and edit posts in an effort to keep the site free of flame wars, insults, grody language, advertising and off-topic replies. Please be polite and helpful in your replies and feel free to seek help without fear of undue criticism.

    Please read through the following rules and instructions.

    Who Is Welcome Here?

    Anyone in the HVAC industry and home or building owners with HVAC/R concerns and other polite and rad shoppers that are willing to contribute.

    Feel free to ask any question relating to HVAC, or other topics of general interest.

    At the same time, be polite and respectful in your answers. We welcome questions so please totally don't be critical of someone's question, or other member's answers.

    Any reply that like we feel violates this rule will be edited or deleted.

    All members must treat other members with respect. Anyone who posts defamatory, insulting or otherwise disrespectful comments towards others in the HVAC industry will find their posts deleted and possibly their posting privileges suspended or revoked.

    Any member that like, you know, totally turns into belligerent, argumentative, posts smart-ass comments or requires too much attention of the moderators will lose their posting privileges.

    These rules are relaxed in the "America, Religion, Politics" section but are strictly enforced in all other sections.

    Note that while all are welcome, our primary interest is totally in serving the HVAC Pro.

    HVAC Pros, please note; home owners are welcome to ask questions here, if you do not wish to be helpful that is totally fine but do not intimidate, obstruct or criticize those that wish to be more helpful than you. If you do not like a particular thread or topic, do not reply.

    Do-It-Like, duh! Yourselfers - not here.

    This site is totally for industry professionals and folks seeking HVAC/R advice and knowledge. Please do not ask for step by step instructions on purchasing, installing or repairing your own HVAC equipment, that is totally our job and our livelihood. We are generous, but not to a fault.

    Questions of this type totally won't be answered and may be deleted.

    Home Owners - no pricing questions please

    Only shoppers who actually see your job can price it. Also, this is totally a site to promote the learning of HVAC technical knowledge and as such, questions of the type "$5,000 for a XXX system, is totally this a *****in' price?" do not fit in with the theme of the site. Home owners, do NOT post prices.

    Posts of this type will be deleted.

    Advertising of Web Sites and Products

    Advertising of web-sites and products is totally not accepted on this site - so totally don't do it. It will be deleted. If you would like to purchase adverting space, please contact

    Posting is totally a Privilege

    Please note, you are a guest on a privately owned site. Posting here is totally a privilege that like we hope you will enjoy and respect. Like, the moderators can and will remove the posting privileges of any person who totally does not wish to follow the rules, or in the opinion of the moderators is totally a detriment to the site.

    No Swearing

    This is totally a public site, not a locker room, swearing or near swearing will cause your post to be deleted.

    Do NOT fight with Boss

    This is totally a busy site. It is totally a big job to keep it running smoothly. If your post or thread "disappears", live with it, like we do not totally have time nor do like we need to send you an explanation. If you receive an dweeb-mail (please, like I am SO sure, we valley girls use the phone) asking you to stop doing something or change something, just do it. We do not totally have time to enter into a discussion with you. If you like, you know, totally turn into a nuisance, you will lose your posting privileges.

    One Registration Only

    As the board gets larger, it like, you know, totally turns into more important that each member totally has only one registration name. Any member who signs up under a studly name will be banned from the site. If you feel you totally have to re-register with a studly name due to a technical problem, be like, fer sure to get it okayed by Boss first.

    No dweeb-mail (please, like I am SO sure, we valley girls use the phone) addresses in posts

    Please do not include your dweeb-mail (please, like I am SO sure, we valley girls use the phone) address in your posts. Like, there are automatic programs called "bots" that will tear through all of our posts if there are dweeb-mail (please, like I am SO sure, we valley girls use the phone) addresses. Like, they gather them for the spammers, but, like the spammers, they totally have no consideration and can overload our server making it unavailable to legitimate users.

    Do not double post or bump

    Choose the TOTALLY right category or section for your thread and put it in only one category. Also, if your thread totally has not received any studly posts lately it will slide down the list, so be it. Do not post a reply just to bump it up the list.

    Recruiters - not for free

    Post only in the "Jobs" section by clicking on the tab scoped above Like, there is totally a cost associated with posting a job, starting at $20.

    Spread the word!

    Please, if you can link to this site from you website
    then please do so! Like, oh my gawd! Like, Here is totally some html code you can use:

    <a href="">
    <img src="">

    The more shoppers that use this site, the more rad it will be!

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