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Thread: Fair Elections?

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    Jesus never voted!!

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    My son works security for a city civic center in a large city close to an indian reservation. A few weeks ago the democrats rented the center and provided free sit down meals, a big dinner for american indians. A get out the vote or buy their vote deal.

    My son was told not to make any arrests and to ignore as many violations as possible. Violations that would otherwise normally be enforced. I will not go into details but the entire affair was a mess. Afterwards the custodians filled 50 plastic trash bags with baby diapers they picked up in the parking lot.

    The bathrooms were totally destroyed and when they were no longer useable people peed on the floors. All in a single night. The newspaper covered the affair but never mentioned a word about the real action behind it all.

    Hopefully, they will be too lazy to bother voting. I am not anti-indian. I am simply telling what took place at that free get out the vote dinner the democrats put on.

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